Digital Print Pennant Lines (100 ft. Strings)

Regular price $ 99.99

A pennant line is a handy little product. Great for casual crowd control, course security and route marking in the absence of fence lines or barricades. But they’re mostly tough to find and even tougher to order. Poking around on the Internet you’ll find mostly cheap plastic flags that tear off at the hint of a strong breeze. And heaven help you if you want them printed. You’ll need buy thousands and thousands of feet at a time — and still end up with the same crappy plastic flags.

You’ll find our pennant lines to be a huge improvement. They’re dye-sub fabric so they’re tougher than plastic and will last longer. Plus, four-color print is at no additional charge. Flags are a generous 8” x 12” and come 75 flags to a string. Best of all, art can change from string to string or even within the same string.  Alternate sponsors on the same string, or alternate your event logo with you big sponsor.

Minimum order is five 100′ strings.