Indoor NON-FITTED Table Cover (8 ft.)

Regular price $ 209.00

8' Non-Fitted Table Cover. Full digital print on 250-gram poly fabric. Fits standard and non-standard 8' tables. This fabric is a bit better when it comes to wrinkles than the outdoor covers, but will also flap in the wind when used at outdoor events. These are easy to wash on a gentle setting.

Why non fitted? Honestly, some folks just prefer them. And they’re great if you run into a non-standard table — a little shy in width across the top, for instance, something that can happen at trade shows and expos. These dye-sublimated covers are machine washable, and deal well with wrinkles. They are designed primarily for indoor use, but we like them for outdoor applications as well. They are a tad pricier than fitted covers, since they require more fabric to construct and print.